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Hey Neighbor ⟶ "Finding a Home You Will Love"

Art Direction + Branding + Web Design + Product Design

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Hey Neighbor is a platform that shares insider details about NYC apartments, ensuring NYC renters find comfortable and safe
living conditions.

A big challenge with this project was how the platform itself focused on serving data. A focus on data can often make the experience be very dry. It was essential to portray warmness and humanity through the name, illustrations, and branding.

The National ⟶ 2020 Tour

Branding + Web Design

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I've been listening to The National since I was 16 years old, so it felt like a dream when I started working with The Collected Works on this project. Covid cancelled the tour but I'm hoping some of these visuals make it to the other side.

Illustration and Posters

A little bit of everything.

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I always love working on posters and illustration. Here are a couple of past works I've done for various projects.